Roller Derby Clothing is probably the most unique and exciting sportswear there is, from roller derby shorts and hotpants with skulls on, to roller derby leggings with severed hearts. Roller derby teams are wanting unique clothing that is girly with a hit of punk to wear to their scrims. Our designers love to work on roller derby clothing to create the most gruesome and awesome roller derby themed clothing for teams and clubs to be wowed by! Our roller derby clothing range has expanded from working with lots of teams and clubs requesting new designs and styles that we can add to our ever growing range. We have everything for your club from roller derby tops and tanks, to dresses and hotpants, and even accessories from helmet and skate covers to armbands. And best of all, all your roller derby gear can be matching from top to toe!

Roller Derby Shorts and Leggings

Sublimated roller derby apparel is what enables roller derby teams to look completely unique and have the most outrageous designs on their clothing! Sublimation is a dying process where you can have any design dyed into any of our huge range of fabrics, so whether shirts, dresses, shorts, leggings, skirts, helmet or skate covers, the same design that you created can be dyed into all of these creating that unique look throughout. Send us a drawing or describe your team or just simply provide us with the team name and our design team can create you a design that no one else has, that is perfect for your team!

Roller Derby Kit

So when you are on the track you and your team will look like you mean business and they will be admiring your roller derby kit every time your Jammer flies past them or every time your blockers knock them to the ground! Start browsing our amazing designs from our product range below or select to download our template and start designing your own unique TE Sportswear roller derby clothing today!