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Sublimated Rounders Skirts

At TE Sportswear we manufacture our sublimated rounders shorts on-site, offering you a blank template to allow your creativity to flow or a choice of eight customisable designs. We hand select our fabrics to ensure the finest quality and our full range is manufactured to our high quality standards, ensuring that they are finished to the best standards using fabrics that are comfortable and breathable, ensuring your players are comfortable on the field.

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Design Your Own Sublimated Rounders Skirts

From £19.11

Why Sublimation?

Sublimation has grown in popularity as one of the top choices when adding colours to your designs for fabric. Sublimated rounders skirts are manufactured to our high standards using the sublimation process, which is when a solid is turned to a gas, but doesn't liquefy. What this means is the ink forms a gas, this happens while the polymers of the fabric open under heat, allowing the ink to settle. As it cools the fabric polymers close, keeping the ink and reducing the risk of fading.

One on One Services

We are a clothing manufacturer in the UK, which means you deal directly with the manufacturer, enjoying fast turnaround times and no minimum order quantities.