Snow sports is a leading sport offering enthusiasts a host of activities from skiing to snowboarding and ice skating to ice hockey and more. At TE Sportswear we cater to sporting teams, schools and companies providing top quality snow sports clothing that our clients can trust.

We use only the finest quality materials to ensure that our clients receive the best quality products that meet our very strict quality controls. We understand the importance of being comfortable and warm when out on the ice or on the snow.

Using our range of quality snow sports clothing options, you can create unity in the team while promoting a professional image with all athletes dressed the same to stand out and be identifiable to their spectators.

Ski Hoodies

We offer an extensive range of quality snow sports clothing that includes:

  • Custom tracksuits
  • Custom tracksuit jackets
  • Custom tracksuit trousers
  • Custom polo shirts
  • Custom hoodies
  • Custom sweatshirts
  • Custom bodywarmers
  • Custom onesies
  • Custom joggers
  • Custom undergarments
  • Custom bags

Our range of base layers include:

  • Base layer shorts
  • Base layer leggings
  • Base layer tops
  • Base layer onesies

Snowboarding Onesies

Each item is manufactured paying close attention to detail based on your unique specifications. Once you find the clothing that you feel will work for your team, you can click on the “design it” button to create your own custom design based on your team colours and style.

At TE Sportswear we guarantee you the highest quality, complete design flexibility and a one on one service you can rely on and trust.