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Custom made ties

That sense of uniformity when we are part of a workforce, club or team is so important. Not only does it help breed team spirit, a hugely important factor in achieving collective success, but it is also gives us a feeling of pride and emits an air of professionalism. The clothing we wear when we are at work is a visible demonstration of an affiliation with our employer, and club or team attire indicates belonging or membership to a specific organisation. This is particularly true for brands who expect a consistent standard of dress from their workforce, or for those attending formal events with their teammates or fellow club members. Your uniform, blazers or custom made ties may bear the emblem of your brand, club crest or insignia or it may have a specific and recognisable colour scheme.

Custom made ties are just one item of bespoke clothing provided by TE Sportswear. These can be in the form of custom mens' ties, custom ladies' neckwear/scarfs, regimental or corporate ties. Not only do we have an extensive range of stock designs and colour schemes, but you can design your own in accordance with your workplace requirements or team, school or club colour scheme so that you look the part whatever the occasion.

Design Your Own Bespoke custom ties

With bespoke custom ties from TE Sportswear, you can ensure that the appearance of your workforce, teammates or fellow club members meets the standards expected from the organisation you are representing. Whether it is a work uniform need, awards ceremony, charity fundraising event or rugby tour, our custom made ties are the perfect solution for your formal neckwear requirements.

Our customisation service allows you to personally tailor the design of your bespoke custom ties according to the specifications of your team or organisation. You can create one in your brand's or team's colours or start from scratch with a completely new design. You can even have your tie personalised with your company logo weaved into your chosen design. Once you are happy with it, just submit the details to us and we will get to work on producing your very own custom made ties.

If you have a need for custom made ties, contact TE Sportswear. The process for creating bespoke ties could not be simpler and we are confident you will be delighted with the end product.

Who can provide my team with custom made ties?

If you want to take control of the design of your own custom made ties, TE Sportswear is the obvious solution. Our speciality is the provision of customised clothing, including bespoke custom ties for men and custom ladies' neckwear/scarfs. These are great for work uniforms or for formal team or club occasions, where you want the corporate ties of your employees, or the regimental ties of your players or members to bear your organisation's colours.

Our website has everything you need for the design and order of your custom made ties. As well as being able to choose from a wide range of stock tie designs, the intuitive tie design tool allows you to embellish our style templates with your company or team colours and even allow for the addition of a logo. Alternatively if you have a different style in mind, you can create brand new bespoke custom ties from scratch. By designing them yourself, you will ensure that the product you receive is an exact match for what you had in mind. When you are happy with your creation, you simply submit the details to us and we will reply with a quote for the completion of your custom made ties.

When you need custom made ties, think of TE Sportswear. To browse our range of designs for polyester/silk ties, or to start designing your own bespoke custom ties, visit our website today.