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Our Printing and Embroidery Services Explained

TE Sportswear offer a full range of varied customisation printing and embroidery services for whatever your requirements. Follow any link below to find more general information about the services we can offer, or follow links to upload artwork, submit images and make specific printing enquiries.

Printing Links:
> Specialist Printing Mediums
> Add personalisation to garments
> Upload Artwork/Images
> Mockup Design Information
> Printing Examples

Print/Embroidery Info:
> Names and Number Printing
> Logo/Artwork Printing
> Embroidery
> Dye Sublimation
> Printing Glossary

Name and Number Printing

Number Printing Did you know that you can have players individual names printed onto the back of your shirts? As part of our customisation service, we offer bespoke name printing on garments to all our customers.

We can print individual names, team names, or player initials, in a wide variety of colours. We offer a standard sans serif typeface but are often asked for special fonts - simply tell us the font name or send the font file to us and we'll print it out for you.

Now that you've got your shirt or top, want to add your team's numbers to it? We offer number printing on garments to all our customers, with number printing included on football, rugby, and hockey kit bundle deals. We offer 2 styles of numbering which are readily available; Pro Style and Standard.

Logo Printing

Need more than one colour for your club badge, trendy new sponsor or company branding? We also print full colour vinyl and cut out logos for all garments and bags.

By using state of the art Mimaki CJV30-100 format printer and cutter we are able to offer truly magnificent full colour print on a variety of garments and accessories. Once your artwork is printed, it is then accurately cut and made ready for transfer. The print can then be heat pressed onto the garment for a permanent vibrant finish that is washable time after time.

Setting up a full colour print will require the best available artwork in the highest print resolution. If a small web sized image is provided the image will likely be printed blurred or pixelated and provide a low quality, so a high resolution print format image, preferably .pdf, .eps or .jpg format would be ideal. If a high resolution image cannot be found then we offer a redraw service for your artwork. To cut a specific outline from your image (eg. cutting out letters rather than simple rectangle) an outline must be plotted, and .eps format or vector artwork is best. For this service a setup fee is charged with all printing and embroidery but is free on many items.

Please note that all polyester items will show faint heat marks on them after being printing, this happens with all polyester materials due to the way this fabric reacts to the heat process and will come out after the first few washes. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Superior quality embroidery - Throughout the years in the business of providing custom made kit for sports clubs, schools and universities nationwide, we have always offered our customers the facility to have their kit embellished with whatever they might require, and have always been able to give kit that finishing touch.

With the advance of technology making it easier for the most sophisticated images to be reproduced, we can embroider any image, whether the source image is a JPEG, TIF, EPS, or BMP, we can convert these into very high quality digitized files which can be applied onto your chosen garments. We use many embroidery techniques, examples being Applique, Run Stitching, Fill Stitching, Cross-stitch, Satin Stitching, and Basic Embroidery. A common technique we use is 'applique'. This is when a fabric is sewn onto another piece of fabric to create your design.

We can embroider onto most fabrics, and reproduce onto bags, caps, other promotional items, and almost any garment. We offer a full embroidery service at very competitive prices in which we can embroider names, numbers, logos or other images onto any garments that you purchase.

Dye Sublimation Sublimation Printing

Looking for the ultimate in custom clothing? sublimation could be what you're looking for.

This is a new technology which dyes the image into the actual fibres of the fabric. It produces vivid colours which remain permanent - they cannot be washed out. Sublimation allows exciting vibrant imagery to be reproduced onto any part of a garment - ideal for colourful team sports.

The service can be applied to a range of kits and leisurewear items and is radically different from other printing methods. Put your team mascot across the shirt, fade in a photograph, fade colours across the design or layer it with text - its entirely up to you!

We are always excited to hear about a sublimated kit idea, to get a project off the ground send us an enquiry with any pictures, drawings or ideas to explain your design. We can produce a design to suit your requirements and confirm before placing an order.

Printing Terminology

Explanations about terms used on this page and advice about sending artwork for personalisation. Contact us for clarification on any printing issue. Vinyl - The material used in name/number printing in single colour or printed for logo printing. CAD Cut - The process by which digital cutter creates outlines of prints. Vector format artwork is preferred for particular cut outlines. Sublimation - a unique printing process for dying a design into polyester fabric, see above for details. Heat Transfer - The method for pressing vinyl into garments via heatpress. Set Up Fee - Charged with all printing orders (unless discounted). Cost is a one-off fee for arranging artwork digitally and setting up to print. This fee is not charged on repeat orders as setup is needed only once. Image Format - the digital format for artwork. regular image files such as .TIFF, .JPG, .PDF are preferable in high resolution but .EPS vector formats are best as they can be resized without losing quality. Vector - a digital drawing for logos and artwork that can be resized. Vectors are also created for cutting outlines.